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Now some pictures to show how it's mounted.

I tried to mount it as low and as far forward as possible (both of weight distribution and aesthetics). The rack almost butts right up against the seat:

Each mounting arm comes with two mounting clamps. I had previously repositioned the turn signals to allow for the mounting of saddlebags (these mounts can be seen in the top picture on this page). This allowed me to attach the forward mount directly to the old turn signal mounting point. For the rear mount, I used the included mounting bar, which I bolted on with the bolt that attaches the rear chrome fender to the frame (also the bolt that hold on my turn signal mounts). The mounting bar tucks up nicely under the rear painted fender. The only modifications required to the kit were to shorten the two mounting arms by about 5 inches and shorten the two mounting bars by about 1 1/2 inches (these modifications are meant to be done to allow for a variety of fitting possibilities).

The total cost of the F1000 Universal Mounting Kit was $114 retail. The bag shown on the first page is an GiVi E36 which sells for about $150. I've included a scan of the mounting instructions on the next page.

F1000 mounting instructions